The Founder


More than 20 years ago I set out on a journey to follow my dream and create a product that would make the unaffordable affordable to the loving society of Dubai. Driven by my passion, determination and a strong work ethic, the ENTERTAINER was launched in 2001. Although it was a path of trial and tribulation I steadily grew the company into a data-driven technology firm with more than 300 people in 15 countries. Under my leadership the ENTERTAINER experienced impressive growth and contributed USD1.3 billion to the economy annually.

I continue to strive for new business concepts, venturing into various industry segments that I’m passionate about through startups of my own, acquisitions or investments. The Benton Group has been established to consolidate our existing businesses and facilitate the expansion of our global portfolio.

Speaking from experience, never give up, make things happen, be passionate and love what you do because dreams do come true! Thank you for visiting our website.

Donna Benton
Founder & CEO
The Benton Group


Donna Benton represents another example of female empowerment. She is one of the most inspiring and successful leaders of our time, who constantly challenges misconceptions and defies stereotypes.

Donna was born in Melbourne, Australia, where she spent most of her formative years. Her spirit of adventure brought her to Dubai in 2000. Not even a year later she identified a market need for both providing consumers with dining incentives, and enabling restaurants to reach new customers. The Entertainer filled this gap by providing her “buy one get one free” offers to the best restaurants, cafes, nightspots and attractions. Word of mouth from delighted customers drove strong book sales and Donna grew the business into different countries using the same model, while also expanding her product line to include spas, beauty and hotel accommodation.
Consequently, the award-winning Entertainer App was launched in 2013, and transitioned from a print publication to a data-driven technology firm. Under her leadership the ENTERTAINER contributed US$1.3 billion to the economy and experienced 25 to 30 per cent profit growth each year.

Constantly striving for new business ventures Donna established The Benton Group, an international holding company that consolidates several businesses. Headquartered in Dubai, The Benton Group is a fast paced, dynamic organisation that focuses on establishing new companies and investing in businesses with the potential to scale. It identifies global trends and business opportunities, with a strong emphasis on innovation, data commercialisation, consumer behavior and corporate social responsibility.

Donna’s latest addition to The Benton Group is CAHA CAPO, a global brand that creates swimwear, resortwear, and accessories for women, men and children. Designed by an internationally renowned team the collection is composed of high-quality Italian fabrics, selected sustainable materials and a wide range of colours.

Always leading by example and maintaining her values at all times Donna consistently encourages other women to follow in her footsteps through determination, resilience and passion. She has been an advocate of female power in many public appearances worldwide, emphasizing her success principle of achieving anything you want through hard work, an optimistic approach and most importantly having fun